The book

Wat bezielt ons_lowres 2Today is a crucial time in which we live simultaneously in an old and a new world, each with their own logic and their own interests. It is a transition period, a time in which paradigma’s are shifting. In the book Wat bezielt ons? Van verstarring naar vitaliteit, Lenette Schuijt analyses the outdated systems from which we can’t seem to escape, and she examines the new territory that is coming into being. She illustrates that for six domains: the financial sector, education, the government, health care, science and business. In a few more philosophical chapters she demonstrates how our way of thinking keeps us stuck in old structures. She shows how different ways of thinking can enable us to remodel our way of living and working and she gives plenty examples of this.
With this book Lenette Schuijt argues that, in spite of many depressing developments , there really is reason for optimism. In the confusion of this transition time, new perspectives arise and radically new possibilities. In this book Schuijt shows how each of us, starting in our own circle, can contribute to a new, more humane world.