Most managers are ineffective

2-495x278Power is the ability to get things done. Management is the art of ensuring that things get done. What’s striking about most organizations is that so little management is effective. That’s what academics Heike Bruch and the late Sumantra Ghoshal discovered when they investigated what they called “decisive purposeful action.” Most companies, far from being populated by busy, effective executives, could instead be seen as ‘a few isolated islands of action amid an ocean of inaction’. Only about 10 percent of the managers took purposeful action. ‘The remainder were busy, just not very effective: 40 percent were energetic but unfocused; 30 percent had low energy, little focus and tended to procrastinate; and 10% were focused, but not very energetic’.

No wonder most businesses are so unproductive. These research results suggest that we waste most of the human resources we hire. The people around us are either unfocused (they don’t know how to use their energy), uninspired (they’ve lost their energy), or distant (they’d rather think than do.)  Read more

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