Positive news

Positive News is one of the first publications dedicated to reporting positive developments. The newspaper takes a solution-focused perspective on the challenges facing society. The daily online newspaper collates its most inspiring stories each quarter in a print edition of Positive News.

In July 2015, Positive News became the first global media cooperative financed through crowdfunding.  The organization raised 263.000 pound. It is now fully owned by its readers, supporters and journalists and  relies on the financial support of its co-owners and members.

What is positive news?
Most of the news that comes to us throughout the day, is negative and makes us feel powerless. Positive News doesn’t deny that there is a lot of bad news. It simply chooses to make sure that the news stories engage people and make them feel more connected. This way the newspaper empowers people to respond constructively to issues, rather than being left feeling hopeless. Exmaples of news items : five ways ordinary people are helping refugees in Calais, mindfulness could make teen more resilient, malaria less present in strong communities, Germany tells firms to bring women into the boardroom, rival militant groups in the Central African Republic agree to disarm.

Media training
To promote positive or constructive journalism in the world, Positive News delivers training for professional journalists, journalism students, and media organisations. Bringing more than 20 years of experience pioneering a positive approach, the trainers work with other media professionals, researchers and experts in related fields, in order to develop methods for journalists to bring more solution-focused elements into conventional reporting.
Positive News delivers these workshops in partnership with the Constructive Journalism Project, whose aim it is to strengthen journalism in order to empower audiences and present a fuller picture of truth, while upholding journalism’s core functions and ethics.


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